Product Design 

Being a lighting customization-oriented and green technology company, the design team at DIMON TECHNOLOGY is committed to developing compelling LED smart lighting and control products through intensive testing and profound lighting simulations. We have stringent quality control and manufacturing process to ensure the core design of the entire product are fulfilling a complete product design process to provide the best performance on illumination effect and robust structure for demanding environment.


The functional performance of DIMON luminaires is also our key concern in design philosophy. It is essential we always consider the applications of a luminaire to provide it with the greatest flexibility in meeting different demands.

The same attitude also applies to other green products of DIMON where your wish is our command.


We are constantly researching for new methods on production, use of materials and application of technologies to improve our total performance in chips and packaging application, heat sink design, driver solutions, optical performance and environmental protection to ensure the DIMON products are valued with the best user-friendly product and total solution to our clients and the Earth.