IP65 LED Twin Spot Emergency Luminaires
2 x 2.5W Non- Maintenance Emergency Type 
  • Weather Proof IP65 for Outdoor Application 
  • Die-cast aluminium and  glass diffuser 
  • Testing Button integrated  for regular maintenance checking 
  • Adjutable lamp head
  • Non- Maintenance Type with LED Indicate

Technical Data

  • Luminaire Type-安裝方式Tipo de luminaria


    Surface Mounted  or wall Type明裝式或墻裝Montaje en superficie o tipo de pared

  • Dimension-尺寸-Dimensión

    W:270 x H :235 x D:70 mm

  • Input Voltage-輸入電壓-Voltaje de entrada

    AC220-240V 50/60Hz

  • Emergency Output緊急輸出

    Salida de emergencia

    • 1W (2x0.5W) LED
    • 2W  (2x1W) LED
    • 3W  (2x1.5W) LED
    • 4W  (2x2W) LED
    • 5W (2x2.5W) LED
  • Charge Time充電時間Tiempo de carga


    12hours   or  24 Hours        

  • Discharge Duration放電時間Duración de la descarga

    >3 Hours @ Max 5W

  • System Mode系統模式

    Modo de sistema

    Non-Maintained Type 後備 Tipo no mantenido

  • LED Life-LED壽命-La vida del LED

     > 50,000 hrs

  • Color Temperature -色溫

    Temperatura del color


  • Color Rendering Index-顯色指數

    Índice de reproducción cromáca


  • Beam Angle/光束角/ángulo de haz

    • Wide Beam Anlge  90°   
  • Battery Type電池類型

    Tipo de batería

    3.2V 6000mAh LiFePO4 磷酸鐵鋰電池

  • Housing materials-外殼材料

    Materiales de la carcasa

    Die-cast aluminium and glass 壓鑄鋁和玻璃
    Aluminio fundido a presión y vidrio

  • Housing Color外殼顏色

    color de la carcasa

    Grey Color 灰色 Color gris

  • Ingress Protection-防護等級

    Protección de ingreso


  • Operating Temperature Range / 工作溫度範圍

    Rango de temperatura de funcion amiento

    -30 °C / +40 °C

  • Comply Testing Standard符合測試標準

    Cumplir el estándar de prueba

    IEC 60598-1:2020 & BSEN 60598-2-22:2014+A1:2020 at temperature of 850°C and IEC 60695-2-10:2013

    BS EN 50200: 2015 (PH60) and Annex E of BS EN 50200: 2015 (a duration ofsurvival time of 30 minutes) and one of the following standards:

    (i) BS EN 60702-1: 2002 +Al: 2015 & BS EN 60702-2: 2002 +Al: 2015

    (ii) BS 7629-1: 2015 (Cat. Standard 60)

    (iii) BS 7846: 2015 (Cat. F2 for cables of overall diameter not exceeding20mm)

    (b) BS 6387: 2013 Cat. CWZ.

    The test results from our measurement complied with the relevant sections of BS 5266-1:2016,

    BS EN 1838:2013 and relevant parts of BS EN 60598-2-22:2014+A1:2020 and regulation

    PPA / 104 (A) (5th Revision) of Fire Services Department specifications.

  • Certification-認證-Certificación

Specification Code

Example Product Code:


  • 1W
    1W (2x0.5W) LED
  • 2W
    2W (2x1W) LED
  • 3W
    3W (2x1.5W) LED
  • 4w
    4W (2x2W) LED
  • 5W
    5W (2x2.5W) LED

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