Smart Dip Switch Constant Current Output Emergency Convertor

Product Features

  • Smart dip switch constant current output
  • Capable of achieving dimming as normal dimming light.
  • DALI or 0/1 - 10V dimming driver is supportable.
  • Suitable for Maintained or Non-maintained luminaires.
  • Electronic charge system.
  • Deep discharge protection.
  • Short-circuit proof battery connection.
  • Automatic shutdown protection if the LED load is out of range.
  • Simple wiring / installation.
  • 2 hours or 3hours emergency backup with either Ni-MH battery or Ni-Cd battery
  • Provided with a IP20 robust steel iron remote box or IP66 Waterproof Die-casted Aluminum Box
  • Provided with a LED for indication when battery charge is in process.



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