Hong Kong-ZhuHai-Macau Bridge

Hong Kong 2017
Solar with Marine Flash Signal Light

Project Consultants: ARUP (HK)  www. Arup.com

Project Owner: Hong Kong HIGHWAYS Department

Contractor: Dragages HK & China Habour –VSL Joint Ventrue.

  • Pile cap lightings  QTY: 160 pcs

 The Pile cap lightings 3-in-one, self-powered LED lantern assembly is completely self-contained. It is compact, lightweight and rugged, and requires the least or virtually no maintenance throughout its operation. The design concept of the lantern is similar with a higher wattage solar module and a bigger capacity battery.

The optical system utilises WM-Patent designed UV-stabilized acrylic optic lens of 150mm diameter and with a choice of up to 3-tiers of the highly efficient, high intensity LED array, it has an effective range in excess of 5 nautical miles at 0.74 transmissivity factor or 8 nautical miles at 0.85 transmission factor (3-tiers 6.1NM @ T=0.74).

Colours: Red, Green, White, Yellow & Blue