For LED T5 Tube
Ceiling Mounted and Pendant Mounted
  • Made of Aluminium Extrusion with White or Silver Grey  Powder Coasting 
  • 1.2mm Thickness in 99.9% Pure Aluminum with Mirror like polished reflection part for maximum diffusion and reflection 
  • Easy installation and maintenance via quick screw system
  • Optional Opal or Transparent inner side linear prismatic PMMA diffuser for defined light distribution
  • Ceiling mounted or pendant mounted 
  • 1-10V and Dali LED Driver for DC LED T5 dimming system 

Technical Data

  • Luminaire Type- 安裝方式 Tipo de luminaria

    Surface Mounted Type  明裝式燈具  Superficie Tipo Montado

    Pendant Mounted Type 吊裝燈具 Tipo de montaje colgante

  • Dimension-尺寸-Dimensión

    L x W x H (mm)

    • 600x68x80
    • 900x68x80
    • 1200x68x80
    • 1500x68x80
  • Input Voltage-輸入電壓-Voltaje de entrada

    AC 220 -240V 50/60HZ

  • Power Consumption Max-燈具功率

    Consumo de energía Max

    • 600mm :   1 pcs x LED T5           6W            8W              9W            10W 
    • 900mm :   1 pcs x LED T5           11W          13W    
    • 1200mm : 1 pcs x LED T5           14W          16W          18W        20W      
    • 1500mm :  1 pcs x LED T5          25W          30W                     




  • LED Driver Type


    Tipo de controlador LED

    Integrated-type LED Driver for DC LED T5 / T8 Application--Refer to LED driver specification 請參閱LED驅動器規格

    Consulte la especificación de controlador de LED

    1. ON/OFF Switch  AC220-240V 50/60HZ

    2. ELV Dimming Driver (5-100%)  AC 220-240V 50/60HZ for DC LED Tube 

    3. 1-10V Dimming Driver  AC220-240V 50/60HZ  for DC LED Tube 

    4. Dali Dimming Driver AC220-240V 50/60HZ  for DC LED Tube 

    5. DMX Driver AC220-240V 50/60HZ  for DC LED Tube 

    6. RDM Driver  AC220-240V 50/60HZ  for DC LED Tube 

    7. ZIGBEE Wireless Control (Remoted Driver ) AC220-240V 50/60HZ for DC LED Tube 

    8. Emergency Backup >2 hours or >3 hours @ < 12 charger hours應急電池/Copia de seguridad de emergencia

    9. Microwave Sensor ON/OFF

  • Control Protocol-控制協議

    Protocolo de Control

    1-10V / Dali / DMX 512 / RDM / ZIGBEE Wireless Control

  • Beam Angle 光束角 ángulo de haz


    • PMMA Diffuser   Type 
    • I-Shape Louver Reflector   Type 
  • Photobiological safety-IEC 62471 /  of Luminaire

    光生物安全檢驗(ICE/EN 62471) 结果:

    Seguridad fotobiológica-IEC 62471

    • Low Risk Group 1 (RG1) Refer to LED T5  Specification

    • 低風險組1 (RG1) 參閱LED T5規格

    • Grupo de bajo riesgo 1 (RG1) Consulte la especificación LED T5 

  • Housing materials-外殼材料

    Materiales de la carcasa

    Aluminium Extrusion and  Pure Aluminum Reflector or OPAL PMMA diffuser or Transparent  prismatic PMMA diffuser 

    鋁擠壓和純鋁反射器或 OPAL PMMA 擴散器或透明棱鏡 PMMA 擴散器

    Extrusión de aluminio y reflector de aluminio puro o difusor de PMMA OPAL o difusor de PMMA prismático transparente

  • Housing Color 外殼顏色

    color de la carcasa

    • White  or Silver Grey Powder Coasting
    • 白色或銀灰色粉末塗料
    • Recubrimiento en polvo blanco o gris plateado
  • Operating Temperature Range / 工作溫度範圍

    Rango de temperatura de funcion amiento

    -30 °C / +50 °C

  • Operating Humidity -工作濕度

    Humedad de funcionamiento

    0~90%, non-condensing-不結霜

    sin condensación

  • Ingress Protection-防護等級 Protección de ingreso

    • IP20-Pure Aluminum Reflector Type 
    • IP40- PMMA diffuser
  • Comply Testing Standard


    Cumplir el estándar de prueba

    LED Luminaires:  EN 60598-1 /  EN 60598-2-1

  • Certification-認證-Certificación

Specification Code

Example Product Code:


  • 25W
    For 1 pcs x 25W LED T5  @ 1500mm
  • 8W
    For 1 pcs x 8W LED T5  @ 600mm
  • 9W
    For 1 pcs x 9W LED T5  @ 600mm
  • 10W
    For 1 pcs x 10W LED T5  @ 600mm
  • 11W
    For 1 pcs x 11W LED T5  @ 900mm
  • 13W
    For 1 pcs x 13W LED T5  @ 900mm
  • 14W
    For 1 pcs x 14W LED T5  @ 1200mm
  • 16W
    For 1 pcs x 16W LED T5  @ 1200mm
  • 18W
    For 1 pcs x 18W LED T5  @ 1200mm
  • 20W
    For 1 pcs x 20W LED T5  @ 1200mm
  • 25W
    For 1 pcs x 25W LED T5  @ 1500mm
  • 30W
    For 1 pcs x 30W LED T5  @ 1500mm

Technical Drawing

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